Working with high-quality materials produces the best-finished product for you…
When we design your project there are a couple of factors that we consider.

1. Would we want to live with this in our own home?
2. Will this product that we are using hold up and perform well day in and day out?

Over the years we’ve refined our choice of materials. Our standard cabinet already comes with materials and hardware that generally other companies offer only as an upgrade. For instance,

– The standard drawer slides we typically use are German-made under-mount, full-extension, soft-closing slides.
– The standard hinges we use are German-made soft close hinges.
– The standard material for our kitchen cabinet interiors is refinished, ¾” domestic maple plywood instead of the typical particleboard that most companies use.

The list goes on but know that all of our written quotes go into more specific detail based on your individual project. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal and providing you with a quality finished product helps us ensure that satisfaction.


Our company is located in Temecula Valley and services the surrounding area…
When you hire us to for your custom cabinetry you are helping to support local businesses, not only here at August Oak Woodworks but the various local vendors we work with as well.


When you give us a call you’ll speak directly to the owner, not a salesman or middleman…
Throughout the project we are always available to answer questions as they may arise. Too often contractors get a reputation for taking someone’s money then disappearing until the job is done. Here at August Oak Woodworks we do our best to break that stereotype by working closely with the homeowner until the job is complete.


Whether the job is large or small we want it to be perfectly suited to you…
This means that rather than just offer standard sizes of cabinets that you must choose from we custom design every cabinet to fit your space and function. We also offer an array of options that you can have built into your design to best use the space we’ve got to work with.

This could be a pullout trash can unit, a sheet pan organizer, a spice rack built into one of your drawers, Tupperware or dish storage, drawers for pots and pans, a pull-out for your laundry baskets or something custom that you’ve seen elsewhere that isn’t listed.